Building your dream home? We offer personalized Audio/Video solutions that provide a unique plan for todays technologies and the emerging technologies of tomorrow.

Custom Install Solutions Audio Video and structured cabling solutions provide a wiring infrastructure for every area of your home; from the porch to patio and from basement to attic.  Our solutions are tailored to satsfy every clients needs and most importantly budget.

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Home Automation

Why wait? The future of whole home automation can be yours now. Have your shades descend while the lights dim, as music begins to play and your home is set to a perfect temperature. Whole home automation solutions from Custom Install Solutions integrates a smart, intuitive touchscreen with the most important functions of your home providing control of your lighting, audio, video, security, heating and cooling systems, window treatments and much more.


Total Lighting Control

Tired of coming home and having to turn on ten light switches just to get from one room to another? With a Total Lighting Control system from Custom Install Solutions, you can set lighting with ease and a single touch of a button. Create custom activates that turn on the lights from the mudroom lights, to the kitchen, and hallway to the bedrooms. If you’re one who entertains, create a custom activities to set the mood with your interior lighting so it automatically dims to the perfect level proving a comfortable atmosphere for you and your guests.


Custom Home Theater

Custom home theaters are more than just great equipment, there a complete experience. Custom Install Solutions home theater solutions are you’re time machine to an extreme home away from home experience. Our solutions provide easy-to-use remotes, stunning HD video, and engaging audio that puts you in the moment on screen. Whether you’re wanting to enjoy that new Blu-ray movie, the latest video game, or NFL Sunday Ticket from DIRECTV, a custom Home Theater from Custom Install Solutions is an entertainment oasis for the entire family.


Effortless Remote Control

Todays complicated audio/video equipment using multiple remotes can become a bit nauseating. Simplifying your life with a programmable remote control solution from Custom Install Solutions. Each control can be tailored to your needs and technical propensity. When combined with RF technology you can control you’re equipment with ease through walls or cabinets.

effortless remote
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World Class Professional Installation

Not the “do it yourself” type? Even if you didn’t buy your equipment from us, you can still save time and get peace of mind that comes with professional installation from Custom Install Solutions. Our professional installation services includes connecting and concealing wires, custom cabling, equipment mounting, power/surge protection, and simple-to-use remote controls. Looking for a one stop shop? Look no further.


Whole Home Networking

Is connectivity to the world an importance in everyday life? A Whole Home Networking and Communications solution from Custom Install Solutions will change the way you interact with the world. The flexibility of our solutions provide your mobile devices, internet access and whole home networking that is almost limitless. Experience the convenience that comes from integrating and managing the way your home communicates. Wired or wireless, surf the web, share computer media, music, files and printers easily.

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Total Control Security

Get piece of mind with a total control security solutions from Custom Install Solutions. You need to know that what you value most, your family, is safe and secure. After all, your loved ones are your most precious assets and the addition of a security system to your home or business is one of the most important investments you’ll ever make. Today’s security solutions not only protect you from intrusion but also integrates life-safety features that alert you to fire, smoke, excessive heat, carbon monoxide poisoning and water.